Now is an exciting time to consider a career at USF. We are a fast-growing, fast-paced, global logistics services company with employees and opportunities in India and USA. Our core purpose, making global commerce work by connecting people, places and information, underscores our integral role in today's global marketplace.

New markets are opening around the world and USF will like to be there. Started in 2002, We have the financial strength and support of a USF Group, coupled with the resourcefulness of our client-focused, results-oriented operations, making us a leading player in supply chain management.

At USF, we understand that while our competitors may offer similar services, our one true sustainable competitive advantage is our employees. Each day, every one of our employees makes a difference for our clients.

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At USF, we recognize our people set us apart from the competition. To provide the best possible service to our clients, we first must have the best employees working on their business. It starts with a culture where core values are more than mere words on paper. At USF, our core values serve as both the foundation for our strategic plans and the criteria for recognition.

It requires an environment where open, honest communications are the expectation, not the exception. Through monthly & quarterly meetings and department-level processes, employees get the information they need to know including where our company is going, what each of us needs to do to reach our goals and how we are progressing toward those goals.

It recognizes that the skills of our workforce must continually evolve if we are to succeed in this fast-paced industry where economics, politics and technology all influence what and how we deliver services. To stay at the top of our game our employees have access to training and.seminars.

It means we each take responsibility to build client loyalty and keep our clients satisfied. We call it client centricity, placing our clients at the center of all we do.

It rewards employees with competitive pay, career advancement opportunities and special recognition.

We're always looking for top talent to help us reach our goal of being the recognized leader in global logistics services. When you choose a career at USF, you will work in a fast-paced, high-energy environment, with cutting-edge technology and an incredible spirit of camaraderie.

Why choose a career at US freight Express.

Here are just a few of the reasons to choose a career at USF.

We are a growing company...with exciting career opportunities for you. That gives you significant opportunities to enhance your career. As you gain experience and demonstrate your potential to take on greater responsibilities, you will have the opportunity to grow with us.

We offer challenging assignments...join us and make a difference.

We believe our past, current and future success depends on every employee making a difference. We also believe the best learning comes from working on worthwhile assignments that have a real impact on the business. Join us and you'll have the immediate opportunity to develop your skills and apply your knowledge on important projects that showcase your abilities. Your future assignments will be tailored to your career interests, your individual development plan and our company needs.

We are a recognized player in the International Logistics industry with us and learn from the best.

We are repeatedly recognized by industry sources for our contributions to supply chain management. You will work side-by-side with the best in the business, learning from their experiences and sharing your ideas. In this supportive, performance-oriented environment, you will find colleagues with a genuine eagerness to help you.

We have a "can do" culture...where your contributions will be recognized.

We work hard to maintain our reputation and believe there is a big benefit to our corporate culture. We know a good working environment brings out the best in people. Our core values define our culture and guide our actions:

Exceed Client Expectations

We are committed to exceed the expectations of our clients.

Value Our People

We respect each other, recognizing geographic and cultural differences.

Work Safely

We work in a manner that is safe to ourselves and the people around us.

Demonstrate Good Citizenship

We are a good corporate neighbor and active in the community.

Act with Integrity

We conduct business with integrity and trust.

Embrace Teamwork

We collaborate with our clients, sister companies and internally to achieve success.

We offer competitive compensation and benefits programs - making USF a career choice you can live with.

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